Stress and anxiety solutions

for students.


Physiology First is a nonprofit organization that shares leading-edge tools to mitigate stress and anxiety and peak cognitive performance with students, parents, and educational leaders.

  • Student Outreach

  • Support for Parents and Teachers

  • Science Based Mental Health Education

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Physiology First University

Putting brain & body based learning at the foundation of education.

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Physiology First

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Please, consider making a tax-deductible donation to Physiology First today.

A race for the future.

Join us at the beautiful Snowfields Farm in Pownal, Maine or race virtually!

This 24-hour running event is an opportunity to place optimism, hope, and a vision for a brighter future on the calendar. We are working to raise $25,000 to make a powerful impact on youth education this Fall.

Set up a Physiology First "Pop-Up" Campus

Join a movement dedicated to sharing the latest research in breath education  with students, teachers, and community leaders throughout the country and beyond!

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Contact us.

To volunteer, partner, or help fund this initiative.

59 Falmouth St, Portland, ME 04103, us

(207) 423-1423

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Global Support for Physiology First

Actor and Youth Education Advocate, Burn Gorman

Breathing coach and children's book author, Barbara Tanze