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Physiology First is an action oriented 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to redefine how we approach youth mental health by providing proactive, skills based, cutting edge mental fitness education.  

The future of mental health education is proactive, science based, and empowering. It's time for a mental fitness movement to  inspire youth to unlock the power of their mind, body, and brain. 

What's the Problem?

Youth mental health has been on a dangerous decline for the past decade. Yet, there is no proactive, empowering, skills focused education on improving mental health available for the vast majority of youth.

The Physiology First Solution.

Through a blend of live mentorship experiences and live online learning infrastructure we are bringing kids around the world together to unlock the power of their minds, body, and brain. 

Our Ambassador Academy trains leaders in health and fitness to set up "Physiology First Pop-Up Campuses" for kids in their community. 


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Hoboken gym
Pop-up Campus in Texas

PFU "pop-up" campus in Texas

Students learning PFU Techniques in the Ukraine

Students learning PFU exercises in the Ukraine

Students teaching students in Maine

Students teaching students in Freeport, Maine

Pop-Up Campus in South Dakota

PFU "pop-up campus" in South Dakota

Presentations to high schools

Presentations for High Schools in Maine

Ice Bath Training!

Iced Coffee in the Ice Bath Event for Students!

Students at our PFU Campus

Student's at our study lounge and physical campus

Movement training for students

Movement and Fitness Training

Physiology First

Pop-Up Campuses

Student Testimonials From Our Ice Bath Events

David 2 (1).jpg

Physiology First President, David Bidler, speaking at the Global Peacebuilding Summit in Kviv, Ukraine.

The Future of Education Puts Physiology First. 

This past October Physiology First President David Bidler was invited to speak on a panel on the future of physiology based education as part of the Youth to Youth Initiative's Global Peavebuilding Summit hosted in Kviv, Ukraine. 

Physiology First President David Bidler on the All Star Webinar Panel on Technology and Teen Mental Health 

Be part of a proactive, solutions focused movement to help students THRIVE in the 21st century!

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59 Falmouth St, Portland, ME 04103, us

(207) 423-1423

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Global Support for Physiology First

Actor and Youth Education Advocate, Burn Gorman

Breathing coach and children's book author, Barbara Tanze