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About us.

Our mission.


Physiology First is a nonprofit organization that shares science based tools to mitigate stress and anxiety and peak cognitive performance with students, parents and educational leaders.


Breathe better. Feel better. Perform better.

Breathing exercises offer one of the simplest and most effective ways to influence the body and the brain. We breathe every day. Learn to "Breathe to Perform" through our online curriculum and live webinars for schools. 

Network of experts.

We collaborate with pioneers in the field of stress physiology to design simple, evidence -based protocols to share with students who will become the next generation of leaders. 


What We Do

Student seminars and curriculum design.

We share the latest science of stress and anxiety management with students and the larger community that supports them. 


Professional development for educators.

Physiology First helps educational leaders meet the challenges of today as they teach the leaders of tomorrow.


Student outreach.

By tying the science of stress and anxiety management to the goals that students care about we are working to create a new conversation on youth mental health.