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Be part of the movement to build youth mental health infrastructure that scales. 

Join Physiology First University today.  

Building Youth Mental Health solutions that scale:

A 3 step Approach from Physiology First

Phase One

PF ambassadors set up "pop-up" campuses in their community using the curriculum that we provide at PF University. 

Phase Two

"Pop-up" campuses take place with increased consistency, creating reliable mental health infrastructure in communities.

Phase three

In communities where traction is highest we invest in turning "pop-up" campuses into physical campuses. This helps create permanent infrastructure for ongoing social connection and 21st century mental health education. 

Our goal is to onboard 500 new members to the Physiology First University platform this Fall!

Each new members brings us one step closer to building innovative and empowering youth mental health infrastructure in schools and communities. 


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Physiology First University "pop-up campus" at Greely High School, Maine. 

We meet kids where they are. Pop-up campuses can come to schools, parks, gyms, or community centers. 

Our first physical campus opened in May 2021. This is a model that we aim to scale to more comm


Who is Physiology First? 

Meet Our Team


About our online curriculum at Physiology First University:

We offer courses on breathing, sleep. mindset, heart rate variability training, brain science and more! Our curriculum grows each month with new additions provided by experts in health science, medicine. 

About the PFU platform:

Members receive 1 PF University update per day to improve their own mental and physical fitness. This could include a podcast recommendation, a fitness challenge, or recent articles/research on the mind, body, and brain. We have a library or resources for you to explore as well!

About the PF ambassador program:

PF ambassadors are leaders in mental health education. By supporting PF you are helping to fund the recruitment, training, and ongoing support of PF ambassadors who volunteer their time to bring mental health infrastructure to their community. If you would like to apply to be an ambassador please send us an email at: physiologyfirst!@gmail.com 

Student Testimonials: 

"The Physiology First University curriculum helped me tremendously as I prepared for my finals during the 2020 school year.  I used a technique that David taught me, where you inhale for a set number of seconds, hold the breath for the same number, exhale for the same number, and hold for the same number, before repeating this process. This breathing technique helps slow your heartrate and relax your mind and body, which allows you to better focus on the task at hand. Understanding how breathing affects my body and knowing how to properly control and use my breathing gave me a huge advantage during a very stressful school year. I am immensely grateful to David and Physiology First for teaching me how to gain that advantage. Learning to control your breathing is an essential skill that I think every student deserves to have in their Fall 2021 toolbox." - Ethan Smith, 15

"I used to get really stressed out about things. I would start worrying about things, get really overwhelmed, and sometime turn to unhealthy habits. Working on my breath has helped me realize that I can deal with my stress and anxiety though simple exercises that help me feel more relaxed. I've even shared these breathing exercises with the younger kids that I work with at my job when they feel stressed and anxious." - Daisy Brewer, 16


Ethan and PF President, David Bidler at a benefit concert for Physiology First.


Daisy at the first physical PF campus in Freeport Maine

Be part of the movement to build youth mental health infrastructure that scales. 

Join Physiology First University today.