What's the Problem?

Youth mental health needs new solutions. 

Rates of depression, anxiety, isolation, and are skyrocketing. Yet, most schools and communities have no proactive mental health education programs for children and families.

Our future leaders need a 21st toolkit to improve their mental health. Help provide science based tools to peak mental health and fitness for students and help them thrive in an age of accelerated change. 


What's the Solution?

The latest science of the brain and body radically shifts the paradigm in how we view mental health. By sharing the latest physiology-based tools to improve brain and body health with students we can transform the conversation on mental health into one of the most inspiring, empowering, and proactive conversations of the 21st century.  

How you can help.

There are 3 ways that whose who care are getting involved and making an impact. 

1.) Join Physiology First University and be part of a global learning community for mental and physical fitness. (Your $20 per month enrollment supports our student outreach programs while providing you with the tools to peak your mental and physical fitness. 

2.) Make a tax deductible donation. Your generosity helps to fund the future of physiology based youth mental health education. 

3.) Become a PF ambassador. Our Ambassador Academy will train you to become a voice for physiology based education in your community. Learn, earn, and make an impact as a Physiology First University Ambassador. 

3.) Become 

The future of learning starts with you. 

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